Trees and woodland are a vital ingredient of our special landscapes. SWPLF is working with the Forestry Commission to ensure co-ordinated delivery of shared objectives as articulated in the SW Woodland and Forestry Framework and through the AONB and NPA Management Plans.

Regional W&FF Delivery Group - SWPLF represent SW AONBs/NPAs on the Regional Woodland and Forestry Framework Implementation Plan Delivery Group.

  • Local Wood Market Study - final

Off Road Cycling Development 1SW - 'Wild Trails" 

SWPL on behalf of the 1SW Partnership wishes to appoint a suitably qualified contractor to develop and implement a web-based mapping information system, providing information on all off-road cycling opportunities across the region using different search parameters.  This map will include detailed mapping of over 2,000km of public rights of way as well as other relevant regional cycling facilities e.g. cycle friendly accommodation, bike shops, and bike hire locations.

Deadline for receipt of tenders is 12 noon 1st April 2010

  • Contract Brief
  • Notes of RDPE meeting Feb 25
  • Expression of Interest for RDPE funds
  • Executive Board meeting Nov 08 Notes
  • Proposal for Regional Off Road Co-ordinator

Wood Fuel Initiative

  • Co-ordinated Wood Fuel Initiative Business Plan final
  • CWI Year 1 Report
  • CWI leaflet May 07
  • Defra/FC woodfuel leaflet


Useful Links and papers:

  • Wood Fair SW Business Plan
  • Keepers in time
  • SW Woodland and Forestry Framework link
  • Potential impacts of climate change on tree and woodlands in SW, FC report Link