SWPL exists to encourage and support:

  •  The sharing of knowledge and experience
  •  The promotion of learning and
  •  Joint working

SWPL leads in a number of programme areas on behalf of the regions National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Regional Partners

SWPL is working with a range of regional partners to develop the role of Protected Landscapes in delivering rural regeneration initiatives in the region.

Communication Group

SWPL hosts a meeting of AONB and National Park staff involved in communication and information work. The meetings seek to pursue joint working that raises awareness of the importance of protected landscapes at the regional level.

Planning Group

SWPL hosts meetings of AONB and National Park staff involved in planning work. The meetings seek to identify mutual information needs and provide the basis for joint learning and working.

GIS Data Group

SWPL hosts meetings of AONB and NPA staff involved in Data collection. The meeting will oversee the collection of the Core Data set for AONB Management Plan monitoring and seek cost effective solutions to data capture and sharing.

Cross Border Bid

SWPL is working with regional partners and 3 French PNRs to develop a submission under the EU Territorial Co-operation Programme.


SWPL Is working with regional partners to ensure alignment and join up in the conservation and enhancement of trees and woodlands in the region.


SWPL hosts meetings of the NPA/AONB Sustainable Development Fund Co-ordinators. The meetings help share exepriences and approaches as well as producing an annual review of SDF spend across the south west.


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