A key objective for the SWPLF is to co-ordinate solutions to member's common learning and information needs.

Each August we compile the training needs identified for all staff working in SW AONBs. From this we are able to plan a regional programme of learning opportunities. We favour peer to peer learning which can be through a structured workshop event or by facilitating one to one meetings. we also use the training needs analysis to influence the work programmes of the Regional Co-ordination Groups (Communication, Planning and GIS Users).

The project bank is a reosurce for learning and is a simple way of sharing good practice in landscape management and the work of protected areas.

Through the Regional Co-ordinator SW training needs are presented to the National AONB Training Co-ordination Group This group meets three times a year to develop and 

co-ordinate training delivery to the 41 AONBs in England and Wales. A national training programme is co-ordinated by the National Association of AONBs.