Regional Intelligence


A key function of this website is to serve as a hub for regional intelligence relevant to the management of our designated landscapes.


Providing easy links to information about regional agencies and bodies, identifying relevant strategies and research papers and becoming a reference point for regional consultation processes.



The Regional Environment Network produce a useful newsletter for those interested in environmental matters in the SW:

  • REN Apr 08 Bulletin


Here are links for some of the key regional bodies and groupings:



South West Regional Assembly


The South West Regional Assembly is a partnership of councillors from all local authorities in the region and representatives of various sectors with a role in the region's economic, social and environmental well-being.



Government Office South West


GOSW is an outpost of central government. From our offices in Bristol, Plymouth and Truro we represent the work and interests of several Government departments:



This means that we are well placed to tackle issues that cut across the boundaries of more than one Whitehall department and as part of central Government, we also help inform the development of departments' policies from a regional perspective.


South West Rural Affairs Forum

This is a Forum established by the Government Office for the South West to be used as a FOCAL POINT for the sharing of information and voicing of concerns raised in relation to social, economic and environmental policy issues affecting rural communities in the South West Region.

South West Chamber for Rural Enterprise

Their mission is to provide a coherent voice for farming, the land-based industries and their related industries in the South West to regional institutions and national Government on issues of relevance and concern to the South West.


South West of England Regional Development Agency


Their goal is to improve the economy of the South West. This involves giving people the skills they need, encouraging enterprise and improving communications. We also promote the strengths of the region and help people to regenerate their communities. All our work is guided by the Regional Economic Strategy


South West Tourism


is a partnership of private enterprise and both local and central government. We work to encourage the promotion and development of tourism in Bath, Bristol, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

Regen SW

Is the renewable energy agency for the South West of England. They act as a catalyst for the development of renewable energy in the South West, aiming to:

  • increase the amount of high quality renewable energy projects on the ground.
  • maximise the social, economic & environmental benefits to the South West from the growth of the sustainable energy industry.


The South West Regional Observatory


Was set up by a partnership of regional bodies to share the production, analysis and dissemination of intelligence and research related to regional policy in the South West of England. One of the Observatories five thematic modules is the environment.




South West Biodiversity Partnership


Thier aim is to have landscapes and water bodies, coasts and seas, towns and cities where wild species and habitats are part of healthy functioning ecosystems; where we nurture, treasure and enhance our biodiversity, and where biodiversity is a natural consideration of policies and decisions, and in society as a whole.


Sustainability south west


News, information, environmental data, contacts & links for everyone working towards a sustainable future for the South West of England.


South West Forum


South West Forum is a strategic organisation of more than 200 local and sub-regional 'umbrella' and intermediary organisations. The key roles of the the Forum are to influence policies and decsion-making at regional level and promote the development of the voluntary and community sector in the South West.

Culture south west

Culture South West's mission is to 'provide strong strategic leadership to people interested in the region's cultural development and work with partners to celebrate, champion and increase cultural opportunities across the South West'


South West Climate Change Impacts Partnership

South West Climate Change Impacts Partnership (SWCCIP) website contains information, outputs and presentational material.

South West Research Priorities Board

The SW Research Priorities Board (RPB) was established on 24 th February 2004. Function of the Board to advise GOSW, the SW RDA, the national Research Priorities Group and other relevant bodies of strategic priorities for publicly-funded research in support of sustainable farming and food industries and the rural economy in the South West of England.