EU Programmes

SWPL has co-ordinated the development of a bid under INTERREG IV 4a Manche (South Channel Programme) Cross Border strand of the EU Territorial Co-operation Programme.

Working with 19 Landscape partners across SW England and NW France our bid sets out a major investment in our collective knowledge base about forces for change and their impacts on the multiple benefits society derives from designated landscapes. The bid, if successful, will be a significant boost to the evidence base for landscape change and cast light on future directions and practices through focusing on landscape products such as agriculture, food, fruit, wood fuel and natural building materials.

The bid was submitted to the EU Secretariat on April 27th 2009. In Oct 2009 we were informed that the bid had been rejected but have been recommended for re submission.

Partners are currently working on a bid re submission under a new title of CORDIALE. Submission will be in March 2010.

An English Partners Group has been established: Tim Selman (Tamar AONB), Richard Hayman (Devon County Council), Tom Munro(Dorset AONB), Linda Watson (Plymouth University) and Dave Dixon (SWPL).


  • pre projet Expression interest for CORDIALE Feb 10
  • Landscape Mapping   Jan 10
  • Streamlined SULIS December 09
  • Final Bid application for SULIS Apr 09