Commissioned Works

The Forum largely works through co-ordination and facilitation. However the Forum has a small project budget from which it can commission research or actions that will help advance understanding, learning and the application of good practice in protected landscape management. To date these are:

Horses the Landscape and You - A Guide to Keeping Horses in Protected Landcapes

A joint publication with The Bristish Horse Society, FWAG and the protected areas in the south west. The publication provides guidance, information and contacts to help make sure horses are well cared for and make a positive contribution to our landscape.

  • Guidance


Commitments for a sustainable future 2009 - 2014

A joint statement by the South West Protected Landscapes to build a more sustainable future for our landscapes. A commitment from the 15 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks to play a key role in building functional, adapted and resilient landscapes for future generations.

Drawn from the 15 Management Plans produced by the AONB Partnerships and National Park Authorities the commitments seek to align partnership delivery and focus resources on a core set of priority activities:

  • Full document
  • Introduction
  • Summary
  • Special Qualities
  • Commitments
  • Cover
  • Photo credits


A prospectus for Protected Landscapes in the South West 2004

The prospectus sets out the socio-economic benefits of the internationally designated areas of the south west. It is available for download in sections, as PDF documents:

  • Outer Cover
  • Inner Cover
  • Pages 1 - 21)
  • Pages 22 - 40)

Diversity work

SWPLF co-ordinated a contract to define catchment areas for SW NPAs/AONBs and provide data on under represented groups, barriers to participation and actions to address them.

  • Summary of key findings from study
  • Final Report - Word Version minus data appendices

Full Final Report  containing all data collected is available on a CD from

Notes from our workshop to present the final report can be found under workshop reports


Arts in Protected Landscape

A joint project with the  Arts Council SW to promote the benefits of integrating the arts with landscape conservation:


A regional touring exhibition of landscape images

  • Press release for Another View



An analysis of the SW AONB Management Plans 2002-2007

  • Brief for consultant
  • Draft report1 - issues and actions 13 SW AONB Plans
  • Draft report2- Regional Environment Strategy themes
  • Draft report3 - Countryside Character Areas
  • Draft (5) report - Devon Rural Strategy and 5 Devon AONB Plans


The development of methodologies for the application of Historic Landscape characterisation in AONB management planning.

  • Brief for consultant


The development of a co-ordinated approach to monitoring and evaluating AONB Management Plans at an AONB and regional scale.

  • Final report
  • Annex 1
  • Annex 2
  • Core set of Indicators
  • Summary of rationale


A poster map showing the 14 protected landscapes in the South West with contact details.